Sunday, 1 May 2011

Memories page

Thanks to Nuvofelt for her tutorial. All week I have been collecting memories of this special week. Not only a bank holiday but an extra holiday for the Royal Wedding. Today I dug out my favourite picture, Mum, Gran and Great Gran. I manipulated it using Photoshop Elements which I am only just starting to get to grips with (laughing because I had to get DH to help) here is the photo and the manipulations. First I picked up all the lines which gives a very sketchy type picture. Nuvofelt gives a much better tutorial than I can for creating these images so follow her blog and get lots of tips for your journal.

Then I took part of the picture by tearing round the heads - I have to admit that I did this quite a while ago and have used it in memory work before. 

So I did the same procedure on Photoshop and got this image
Finally I put my images on a previously created page which was salt diffused, integrating the whole thing with my favourite oil pastels and doing a bit of a touch up with my write-4-all marker pen.
Here is the final page. I just have to date and sign it.