Sunday, 15 May 2011


Just come back from a week in Keswick, Cumbria. My new journal is a rather sweet, handbag sized Moleskine. It meant that wherever I went I always had it with me. This one is a bit like my old fashioned diary which I used to keep when away on holiday - but with a twist. I tried to make it more pictoral, rather than wordy. There is still a lot of work to do on it and I didn't do Friday, the day we came home.
Here is a flavour. I'm sorry the pencil on some of the pictures aren't very clear.

I just had to write a short poem when visiting the stone circles at Castlerigg. It was a very inspirational place.
The last night and day was also an inspiration as it was the start of the Keswick Jazz Festival. We met some amazingly talented people.

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  1. I love those Moleskine books, They are lovely to look back on, too. Thanks for commenting on the dyed paper, I've answered your question, thought I'd mention it in case you miss it.