Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Makers fair

Two weekends ago I took part in a Maker faire in Newcastle. We yarn bombed the city and knitted neurons. Here is the journal page I made from all the bits I picked up there.

DD sent me a card for my birthday which inspired this page. You can see the card on the right hand page.

This page started as just a background but I liked it as it was and just added a few fish and a few words. I'm afraid the photo doesn't do it justice as the white bits are really silver and it just looks like an underwater scene.
I am now going to show you what started this journal off, sorry it's been a bit back to front. We went on a short break to Lincoln and I had prepared a few pages before we went away and these two pages resulted.

The final page for this post is two pages, one from the Lincoln holiday and one I did for Valentines day.

Thank you for looking I am enjoying sharing.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Thanks to Nuvofelt

Thank you to Nuvofelt for keeping me on the learning road. Here is a new page from this years journal. It is entitled Who am I? It may be added to later.

Journey 1

OK some of you may know my sister Blog Sheilasembroidery Rambles. This is my day to day rambles and can get very mixed up with anything. This blog will be purely about my journaling which I've done for quite a long time now. However I rarely share. Now I am about to do so. It's a bit scary. 

Why did I start journaling? Probably because I like keeping notebooks. I collect them, put projects into them, decorate them. I have even made some.

My most completed one that I will share is my Zentangle journal. I started it when I read about Zentangles in Cloth, Paper, Scissors. You can read about them on the internet, just do a Google search. I won't say any more just go and look. 
Here is the journal cover

A page just started 

And two complete pages

More to come later and I will share the journal I have been working on this year.